By Steve • • 2 Oct 2012

Monday 18th, September 2017

Apia, Samoa


First of all Happy Birthday to my “little” brother, Simon who is 59 today.  And don’t forget International Talk Like a Pirate Day tomorrow, arrrr.

As we have a decent internet connection here I am, at long last, getting this site up to date.  It will take some time so bear with me.

I’ll post links here as I fill in the blanks….

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  1. See

    Goodness! That’s quite a retirement 🙂 Hope you are having a wonderful time, not too hard to do, by the sounds of it. Stay safe, happy travels.

  2. Yikes!

    Our last adventure was when we met, inner harbour, Road Town Tortola. BTW blogged about it

    Smoother sailing ahead!

    Warmly, Wayne & Dana s/v Journey, a Pearson 365 ketch

  3. Sue Dancey

    So we are standing on a white sand beach and Steve departs in the tender leaving us to find our way to Providenciales airport which you would think would not have been too difficult for a couple of well travelled grown ups. What none of us had realised is that this was the beach of the Amanyara resort – the most exclusive resort in the area with rates from 1500 – 13500 dollars PER NIGHT! Ten minutes later we are under house arrest with the security man polite but most insistent that we really should not be there looking like a couple of beach bums and upsetting the clientele that had to gaze upon our flip flops and peeling suntans. Furthermore no taxis were allowed into the resort – they had a fleet of range rovers to ferry their guests to and from the airport. The security man is in quite a tizz by now and insists that we sit in reception and do not move under any circumstances. By this time we are starting to become a little concerned about missing the flight. Eventually the manager ( who happens to be a sailor) arrives and we have a chat about sailing – he is very pleasant and arranges for us to be driven to the airport in one of the range rovers by his close protection officer – he charged us 120 dollars for the privilege but we felt very safe! The rest of the journey went like clockwork and we arrived home 24 hours after leaving the boat. My shorts and flip flops were a little incongruous in the Benbecula drizzle . Thanks again for a brilliant holiday and looking after us so well.

  4. Bob Sikora

    Enjoy NYC! It was great meeting you in Solomons. As you head east on LI Sound, try to stop in Port Jefferson, and then Greenport (which is inside the North Fork, past Orient Point. Block Island is also enjoyable, just not on a weekend. We are originally from that area, so if you need any local information, just let me know.
    Fair Winds,
    Bob (s/v Chanticleer)

  5. George Westwood

    What a wonderful adventure, sticking with you all the way.

    Love to both of you and fair wind astern (or some other nautical term of good fortune!)

  6. Andrew

    Welcome to Canada!

  7. eddee

    good luck on your great adventure….from the crew@Jeremys@SouthStreet….stop in again next time around

  8. Marilyn

    Can’t believe you left Baddeck this am, I was down at the wharf about 8, and it was wild. You knew what you were doing!!!!!!!

    Sun came out about 1, it was a wild night.

    Safe journey, hope your ice is still frozen.

  9. Chris Cole

    Ok, found you after your LinkedIn contact. Sounds like you have been having fun. At least the cost of diesel must be better there??

    All the best


    PS popped in Park Tavern recently!!


    Hello Steve & Cheryl

    Glad to hear from you after so long! We were beginning to think that something unpleasant had happened, or that the internet is fanciful in the Caribbean?

    No idea where you have been hiding?

    Prompted to email having been watching a BBC thriller, detective serial called SHETLAND.
    The one episode that I have seen was filmed on Fairisle, on yet another fair day.

    It was not as wonderful a hot day as our visit there nearly two years ago, that demanded ice cream!!

    Hope you are well and look forward to the war and peace edition of the blog when communications are improved

    Love & best wishes Sue & John

  11. Hello to you both,

    The old codgers would like to know your plans for Christmas/New Year. Hope you are both well, you’ll be pleased to know that those that dwell in Cornwall are not growing web feet as we have been blessed by some cracking weather – obviously not as much as you sun worshippers.

    Hope to hear from you!

    Best wishes and safe sailing

    Jo et al.

  12. pepe altema

    ello i am pepe from ile a vache haiti you are ok its long tim i thont se you you comm haiti be for

  13. Andrew

    Nice to see you sailing again!

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