Sunday 11th March 2018 



Our progress south has been very slow recently as we are waiting for favourable winds to cross the Bay of Plenty, round East Cape and then head SW down the SE coast of the north Island.  The latest problem is Cyclone Hola which is heading our way and due to pass through tomorrow, Monday.  Hopefully we’ll be underway again on Tuesday morning.  By then we’ll have been in this delightful anchorage for nearly a week having got here last Tuesday afternoon.

Here’s a shot of EL Sheryl took this morning…

You can read about last months travels here and more of March here.

FOR SALE – Emma Louise is now for sale, if you are interested click here.

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And there are two new slideshows…..

The Galapagos

Birds of The Galapagos

I need some help with the last one.  If you know your birds then please have a look at the slideshow and see if you can identify any of them.  Thanks!

I’ve also updated the site to make it mobile friendly.  It seems to work OK on an Android phone and an iPad.   Let me know if you have any problems by posting a comment below.






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