Haul Out September 2013

South Shore Marine, Chester, nova scotia

EL hasn’t been out of the water for about eighteen months since March 2012.  The bottom was heavily fouled and the first job for the yard was to pressure wash the hull.  That still left a lot of manual work to scrape and rub down to prepare for the new anti-fouling.  We decided to use Interlux CSC Micron, an amazingly expensive paint at nearly $300 per gallon, and that isn’t even an Imperial gallon!  It took three cans to apply two thick coats.  Hopefully it will be worth the expense and she won’t need oo much attention for a while!

Since crossing the Atlantic there has been a steady leak through the rudder stock packing gland.  Apparently you can re-pack the gland with the boat still in the water but as I’d never tackled the job before I decided on the prudent course of action.  It proved very straightforward and the leak is now fixed, however, we now have a different one!

Other work done:

Refurbished the bow anchor windlass – new leads, new brushes and new brush holder, professionally done by a company in Dartmouth.

Cleaned and polished the entire hull below the toe rail.  Probably took me 60 hours of labour using a product called Aquabuff 1000 fast cutting compound followed by Aquabuff 2000 polishing compound and finally a coat of 3M Ultra Marine Wax.  She looks like new!  The only problem is I didn’t have time to do the coachroof and that now looks decidedly grubby compared with the hull.

Sanded and varnished various internal woodwork, ntably the hatch surrounds.

Fitted the new curtains Sheryl had made whilst we were in the UK.

Had the Monitor self-steering repaired although I think it still needs some work before it is perfect again.

Had a new zip fitted to the mainsail lazy bag.

Replaced a broken guardrail.

Serviced the engine.

Repaired the genoa pole which had broken crossing te Atlantic.

Repaired the leaky spray hood.  (We could really do with a new one but the budget doesn’t allow at the moment).

Replaced missing batten covers on the mizzen (again lost crossing the Atlantic).

Replaced all hull anodes.

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