By Steve • • 31 Mar 2014

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  1. Dee

    Where in the world are you today, Steve? Hope all is well and the adventures are great.

  2. Bob Price

    Hi Steve and Cheryl,

    Sorry I haven’t been in touch recently – not sure if you’re managing to get connected to maintain your site?

    Anyhow, I suspect you’re having a great time! We’ve had a bit of sun ourselves with a short trip down to Granada, where we had fantastic weather (and San Miguel!). Blighty has been serving up its usual unreliable mix of cold, wet and heat. At least you have been spared the agony of watching LFC coming so close to winning the premiership – I am already dreaming about next year. I guess you can’t get down to Brasil? Hope we’re in touch soon, Love, Bob and Clare

  3. Bob Price

    Hi Steve and Sheryl,

    A brief note to wish you a very merry Christmas!!
    Weather here’s been cold and sunny (this Christmas Eve) but no signs of snow. Can’t quite imagine sun at the moment – our Jim’s just got back from Sri Lanka and has got decidedly nesh (northern word meaning to be a wimp about the cold).
    Have you any family out with you?

    Love to you all,

    Bob, Clare, James and Juliet

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