May 2014

Saturday 17th

Portsmouth, Dominica

We got here about 0300 this morning having left Buck Island, at the east end of St Croix in the USVI on Wednesday morning.  Hopefully that was the last major stretch to windward for at least a few months. Since rounding the west end of Cuba on 24th January we have been heading east, against the prevailing winds.  I am thoroughly bored with it and am looking forward to some nice beam reaches as we head south from here.  We had actually been heading for Guadeloupe from St Croix but the wind didn’t co-operate so we ended up here.

Dominica is lovely and the town of Portsmouth is arguably somewhat better than its namesake in Hampshire, well at least this Portsmouth hasn’t suffered from post-modern brutalist architects.

To see some pictures of this beautiful island click on or touch the one below.

Wednesday 21st

Portsmouth, Dominica

Today we went for a boat trip up the Indian River, so called because the original European explorers traded with the native Carib indians up this river, before shooting them, of course.  Its not a big river and the boats on it aren’t allowed to use motors so we enjoyed our guide, James “Bond” rowing us up river for a mile or so.  There are some photos in the slideshow, above.

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