June 2014

Tuesday 3rd

Rodney Bay, St Lucia

Rodney Bay is the at the west end of the annual Atlantic Rally for Cruisers (ARC) which leaves the Canary Islands at the end of November and gets here for Christmas.  Fortunately for us the 300 plus boats have long since dispersed and the place isn’t too busy.  We hadn’t been anchored very long when this enterprising character turned up…


The mangoes are particularly good at this time of the year.

Rodney Bay is an excellent yachting centre and we were able to buy some spares we have been looking for since January.  It is also a good place to provision, although not as good as Martinique, and the supermarkets each have a selection of the Waitrose Essential line.  I’ve managed to replenish our marmalade stock!  No pork pies though.

There is quite a bunch of boats heading south at the moment.  Most have plans to stop and haul out for a month or two whilst they fly home.  Grenada is a popular destination and some, like us, are heading for Trinidad.  We are currently “travelling” with S/Vs ISHTAR, MEZZALUNA, CHEERS, MISTRESS, XANADU IV and GALENE , a mixed bunch of Brits, Canadians and Americans.  I say travelling, there is no formal grouping we just happen to be heading in the same direction at about the same pace. Interestingly to me only one of the six is planning to go through Panama, MEZZALUNA.

Wednesday 11th

Soufriére, St Lucia

In case you are wondering about the French place name St Lucia changed hands seven times, Britain to France.  Before independence (1976, I think) it was British but it seems we didn’t bother to change the place names after the last swap from France.  XANADU IV and MEZZALUNA are in the anchorage with us and the six of us went on a local tour this afternoon.

Sunday 15th

Port Elizabeth, Bequia

Bequia ia one of the islands in the country of St Vincent and the Grenadines.  Only about five miles long it lies as many south of St Vincent.  We got here on Thursday afternoon having sailed direct from the south end of St Lucia and by passing St Vincent altogether.  We are heading south reasonably quickly to a) get out of the hurricane belt and b) get to Trinidad for 7 July to meet our children.  they are flying out from the UK for two weeks to help me celebrate my 60th!  The hurricane season has now officially started and the danger zone extends to 10ºN, we are currently at 13ºN which is 180Nm the wrong side of the line.  However, we are paying close attention to the weather forecasts and, if necessary, can do 180 miles in about 36 hours.Port-Elizabeth

Bequia is lovely, a jewel of a Caribbean island.  The shot above shows the anchorage in Admiralty Bay. To the south of here is Mustique, privately owned and the holiday home of the rich and famous. Although it is possible to moor and land there we won’t bother, we don’t have time and I’m sure the beer will be very over priced.

I’m glad to report that our TV doesn’t work here so I was unable to watch England get beaten 2-1 by Italy last night.  Hopefully they’ll be out at the end of the league stage and won’t raise expectations cruelly.

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