July 2014

Friday 4th

Chaguaramas, Trinidad

Trinidad at last!  We are here to meet our four children who are flying into Port of Spain from London on Monday afternoon.  They’ll be with us for two weeks and most importantly for my 60th birthday on 13th July.

Monday 7th

Chaguaramus, Trinidad

British Airways performed and the kids arrived, slightly ahead of schedule, this afternoon…Arrivals

From the left, Sam, Heather, Ben and Rachel.

Thursday 10th


The best thing to do when in Trinidad?  Go and see Leatherback turtles laying eggs!Leatherback

Here is Rachel with one of about ten we saw in the evening.  Each female around 80-120 eggs up to 12 times in one four month season.  They then take around three years off to regain the body weight they lost ii the process.  Only about one in a thousand hatchlings survive to maturity so its easy to see that a threatened population takes decades to recover.  Our insatiable appetite for marine resources is killing these wonderful animals by fishing nets, long lines and rubbish.

Sunday 13th

Store Bay, Tobago

We arrived in Store Bay yesterday evening after the worst crossing we have experienced between two islands, anywhere.  Its only about 45Nm from the north coast of Trinidad and it took us 20 hours, probably the worst average speed we have achieved over a sustained period.  Into wind and into current, horrible.

Today was my 60th birthday.  Heather and I went snorkelling in the morning and whilst visibility wasn’t great we did see a lot of fish…60th-03

To celebrate we went for a family meal at Cafe Cocoa in Crown Point.60th-01

Here am I looking insufferably smug with my two gorgeous daughters.  Well, who wouldn’t?

The inevitable group photograph wasn’t taken by us (obviously) and the quality isn’t as good as our normal stuff.  Nevertheless, for the record…60th-02

Some of the evening’s celebrations are a little hazy and I do remember we all had a great time.

Wednesday 16th

Great Courland Bay, Tobago

The small town of Plymouth lies just to the north of Great Courland Bay with Fort James overlooking the anchorage.  No sooner than we had arrived and settled down a local fisherman was alongside selling us fresh Red Snapper.  We got nine for $150TT, which is about £15.  Nothing like fresh fish on the BBQ…Red-Snapper

Friday 18th

Store Bay, TOBAGO

Ben decides to try his hand at Rum Punch…Cocktail

Monday 21st

Scotland Bay

Having said fond farewells to our children on Monday 21st we left Trinidad as fast as we reasonably could. Chaguaramus isn’t particularly pleasant as a cruising haven, the water is polluted, there is a lot of wake from passing boats and there is often little by way of a cooling breeze. Having re-stocked the larder last Tuesday morning we checked out with immigration and customs and headed around to Scotland Bay for the night.

This is a lovely sheltered anchorage on the NW corner of Trinidad, a perfect starting point for a trip north.Scotland-Bay

We left for Grenada 24 hours later leaving the anchorage about 1700. the view of Trinidad’s north coast was quite spectacular…North-coast

Landfall was made around 0730 last Wednesday morning and we were soon anchored and checked in with Grenada immigration and customs at Prickly Bay.  We have been there ever since.

August’s post is here.

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