October 2014

Tuesday 21st – Saturday 25th

At Sea

We finally left Grenada the day before our visas expired, after three months in this lovely country.  Still it was time to move on and Emma Louise needed to get some miles under her keel.  For the first time since we crossed the Atlantic we were faced with a longish downwind passage.  To avoid the dangers of piracy off the north Venezuelan coast we routed further north than the straight line track would ideally have taken us.  Other friends stopped in one or two of the offshore islands of that benighted country but we didn’t feel that brave.

The passage was a little slow with insufficient wind for the first 24hours although by the end we had too much for real comfort, as is always the way.  By mid morning of the 25th we were secured to one of the few spare mooring balls off the capital of Bonaire, Kralendijk (crawl-en-dike).

Monday 27th


Bonaire, being a Dutch island is very European and some of the official services are outposts of their Dutch counterparts e.g. customs and immigration.  We cleared in during Saturday afternoon, at no charge and understand there is no charge to leave.  I can’t remember anywhere else where this is the case, possibly the French islands?

Diving is the main attraction here although we don’t dive we intend to try it and will do as much snorkelling as we want.

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