November 2014


Here is a lovely shot taken by our friend Jeff Anderson whilst up the mast of S/V MEZZALUNA when they were moored alongside us…O 

We left Bonaire on Monday 17th at 0800 and arrived in Santa Marta around 0300 on Thursday 20th.  A fairly quick passage at an average of just less than 6 Kts.

Santa Marta, Colombia

Unusually for us we are staying in a marina for a month or maybe more.  The IGY marina here is relatively new and also reasonably affordable.  We are paying about £18 per night, all in.  Entry procedures are very simple as all yachts visiting Colombia have to use an agent.  Simple but not that cheap.  Around £90 for the agent’s services and an additional £65 for a cruising licence.  Colombia still has someway to go before it becomes properly cruiser friendly.  A move down the coast to Cartagena would cost us an additional £60 or so in further agents fees as we move from one Department of Colombia to the next. This means we will visit Cartagena by bus and leave Colombia from Santa Marta.

First impressions of Colombia are very favourable.  The people are friendly, open and I am pleased to report, very willing to put up with my poor Spanish.  Although, after a fairly intensive few weeks in Grenada, including one on one Spanish lessons with a Colombian teacher, I am glad to say my Spanish is much better than it was in Cuba and I can now understand at least part of what is being said to me.

Santa Marta is Colombia’s oldest city.  Laid out on a grid pattern it is easy to find your way around and to find pretty much anything you want.  As a developing country it has a curious mix of old and new. You see street vendors selling anything imaginable and offering to repair pretty much anything from shoes to electrical appliances.  At the modern end of the scale the city has two large, American style shopping malls with all the international brands you would expect anywhere.

Here are a few shots taken around the city.  Click on or touch the picture to see more.

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