In Summary

Not much sailing this year.  The main event was a return to the UK so that Sheryl could get a refit i.e. a new right hip.  This was successfully accomplished at the end of August by the UK’s wonderful National Health Service.  It may not be perfect but you should see what other countries have.

Once Sheryl had recuperated we flew back to Latin America and then spent most of November and all of December travelling overland in Peru and Bolivia.  The highlight was, of course, our visit to Machu Picchu with our daughter Rachel and her partner Iwan on New Year’s eve.  I couldn’t resist a photo of us at what must be the best known UNESCO World Heritage Site.

This followed our expedition to Chile and Argentina prior to our return to the UK.  The only sailing was in the first quarter which was mostly spent in Panama’s San Blas Islands.

As a result there are no entries for the months of April to December this year.  We travelled, Emma Louise was on the hard at Shelter Bay Marina, Panama.

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