March 2015

Tuesday 3rd

Shelter Bay, Panama

So here we are and here Emma Louise will stay for the rest of the year.  We left the San Blas Islands at the end of February and officially checked into Panama yesterday.  We were allowed three days to leave the country or go through a full immigration procedure as cruisers.  As we are flying to Chile tomorrow it won’t be a problem.  Emma Louise was hauled this morning and is now in the secure yard here at Shelter Bay Marina.  We have rented and installed a de-humidifier in an attempt to stop mould growing inside whilst we are away.  All the canvas, with the exception of the sprayhood, has been stripped and stowed below, as has all readily removable gear.

Our bags are packed and tomorrow we fly to Santiago de Chile to start a tour of that country and Argentina.  As those travels don’t involve Emma Louise I will not be reporting on then on this site. After our trip to the southern part of South America we will be flying back to Panama but only to catch a flight back to the UK towards the end of April.  There Sheryl will be having her right hip replaced as she is increasingly suffering pain from the osteoarthritis the hip is deteriorating from.

If all goes according to plan we’ll fly back to Panama around the end of October and then take another trip to Peru and Bolivia.  Well, when you are in South America you have to visit Machu Picchu, don’t you?

The account of our travels continues in 2016.