January 2016

Thursday 28th

Shelter Bay Marina, Panama

We have been back here since the 5th January and have barely stopped work in that time.  Emma Louise was re-launched on Thursday 7th January having had her bottom painted with CopperCoat and all her through hulls replaced with Marelon ones.  We’d paid to have this work done in abstentia.  There was still plenty left for us to do, not least of all to deal with an infestation of cockroaches, yuk!

I’m not going to go into fine detail but the “to do” list extended to 22 items that we thought were necessary before going to sea.  Its amazing what ten months out of the water sat on the hard under a blazing tropical sun will do to a boat.  The Sun’s ultra violet light is very damaging and so is the drying out process.  It has taken the last three weeks to sort things out.

I’ve written in more detail about the work undertaken here.

We are planning to leave at 1000 tomorrow morning.

Sunday 31st

Isla Naranjo Abajo

We didn’t get away from Shelter Bay at 1000, nothing ever goes to plan in Panama.  The fuel dock wasn’t open until noon and there were a bunch of boats ahead of us.  We finally got away around 1400.  Once clear of the Colon breakwater we unfurled the Genoa and had a lovely afternoon sail to our current anchorage where we sit in splendid isolation.  Well almost…

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