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By Steve • • 9 Jan 2012

Emma Louise is an Aphrodite 42 built by Najad in 1991.  She is Hull No 61 and we bought her from the second owners in September 2011.  The boat was designed by Carl Beyer for Rex Marine of Orust, Sweden.  We believe that Rex Marine were taken over by Najad who continued to build Aprodite’s for a year or two.

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  1. Sandy Clark

    She looks lovely! Glad you are having good weather. When are you going to Carribbean? If you have time would love to hear about all your adventures. Sandy

  2. Andrew Powell

    Dear Steve and Sheryl
    OMG, I have been thinking about you guys so much lately. Your plan was to be sailing out of London after the olympics. And that was going to coincide with our 5 year plan.
    So our house is going on the market in the next couple of weeks. We are actively looking at boats, were in Florida last fall, looked at a dozen boats, want a centre cockpit around 44 ft, maybe a Morgan 44, want a boat built in North America so we won’t have to pay duty when or if the boat comes back to Canada.

    Ben and I are leaving to drive his truck to Alberta on Thursday. He has been working as a heavy equipment operator and is going west to make his way in life. I go back to sea mid August and this will be the firts time Heather has been alone in 19 years. I think she is going to miss her big boy more than she knows. (Ben is 6’8″ and 275lbs, corporal punishment doesn’t work here)

    I hope we can have a boat by x-mas but that might be pushing things. Do you need crew for the crossing. Heather and I are the cheapest crew around and will be bring Clamato Juice for brekfast ceasars.

    Looking forward to seeing you soon
    All of our love
    Andrew and Heather

    Your note this morning has made me so happy!!

    • Steve


      Fantastic to hear from you!! Good luck with the boat hunting, we know it isn’t easy! the Moragn 44 looks like a great boat and I considered them but they are very rare in Europe and importing from the US or Canada attracts 20% VAT. If you haven’t already check out a Hylas 44, I have seen examples advertised in the States. I’ll send you an email and we can communicate at greater length.


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