April 2017

Moorea, french polynesia

We actually got here on 29th March having motored the 14 Nm from Tahiti.  Moorea is a spectacular island with many craggy peaks…

Our first couple of nights were spent in not very good anchorages on the east coast of the island and on 31st March we moved round to the north coast and Oponohu Bay…

This is a lovely sheltered anchorage and we spent a week here socialising with SKYLARK and our new Kiwi friends Craig and Aron from REAO.  Mick and Kim, PHYLLIS, were also there.  Stuart (SKYLARK) and I spent about three hours one day fixing REAO’s diesel engine, (it had a split fuel line).  We had hoped that MEZZALUNA was going to show up but in the event they went straight past Moorea on passage from Huahine to Tahiti.

SKYLARK in Oponohu Bay, 4th April 2017

HUAHINE, french polynesia

An overnight sail on Saturday 8th took us to Huahine, a little over 100 Nm to the north and west.  The day we arrived was Stuart and Louise’s wedding anniversary so we had their two daughter’s, Eleanor and Hannah, for a sleep over that night.  Much fun was had by all but most by Sheryl, I think.

Moorea, Huahine, Bora Bora et al are known as the Society Islands.  Why?  Because Captain James Cook RN named them that in honour of the Royal Society, London.

One of the highlights of Huahine is the so called Yacht Club at Fare.  I say so called because its not really a yacht club, simply a restaurant bar on the water’s edge.  Most evenings we were there we met up with the other cruisers for a very convivial happy hour.

RAIATEA & tahaa, french polynesia

I know, I know, another island and its still April?  Well we are on something of a schedule as we want to be in New Zealand by mid November and there is still half an ocean to cross.  Plus we want to visit at least three more countries before we get there.  The crossing from Huahine is only 25 Nm but it was a rather rough passage and we were very glad to get behind the shelter of the fringing reef.  Raiatea and Tahaa lie together in a peanut shaped lagoon with its main axis north to south.  Tahaa is the northerly island and Raiatea is a major yacht charter base so most of the anchorages in the lagoon were reasonably busy.  We spent most of our time in anchorages off Tahaa, on our own for most of the time.


It must be a record, four islands in as many weeks!  We crossed on 28th April and had a lovely day sail from the south pass on Raiatea’s west coast to the west coast of Bora Bora.

Bora Bora has the reputation of being the most beautiful island in the South Pacific.  I don’t know as I haven’t been to most of the others.  I would say though that Raivavae is just as stunning and much more appealing as it is not crawling with tourists and jammed up with charter boats.  The latter is something of an exaggeration but there are a lot of them.  Anyway here’s what it looks like…

More on Bora Bora and our continuing journey west here.