May 2017


1st May

It is our wedding anniversary today (35 years) and to celebrate we moored Emma Louise off the Bora Bora Yacht Club and had dinner there.  We don’t often have a “posh” meal out and when we do we try and select a worthwhile place.  This was excellent, the service was good and the food even better.  This is not the best ph0to but it gives you an idea of what it looks like…

Bora Bora Yacht Club

Bora Bora is a major “mass” tourist destination.  I say mass not in the sense of Costa del Sol or Disney but it is certainly not exclusive.  It is certainly not cheap either!  Apparently the all in resorts run to hundreds of dollars per head per night.  French Polynesia in general is expensive and Bora Bora even more so.  Still there are bargains to be had and the Maikai Marina had a decent happy hour with two for one drinks.  They have a bunch of mooring balls and for the rental of one of those you get to use the facilities which include a rather nice infinity pool…

Emma Louise is on the left and Reao just to her right.

We spent most of May goofing around the lagoon.  It’s picture postcard perfect and on a lot of days there is a good wind for sailing.  There are plenty of quiet anchorages and it is quite easy to avoid the charter boats.  What wasn’t so easy to avoid was the World ARC (thats a two year round the world yacht rally).  They were there mid month and took up virtually every available mooring ball.  We stayed long enough to allow them to get ahead of us.  Our future plans include a stop at Niue where there is no anchorage. only mooring balls.  There aren’t enough for the ARC boats, let alone anyone else.

As usual things on the boat break and the current problem child is the auto pilot which has been rather temperamental for a while now.  It has some sort of hydraulic problem and will need stripping down to investigate.  Otherwise nothing serious is currently bothering us and indeed I’ve had a small shipment of spares from the US allowing a repair to the wind steering and the addition of a voltage regulator to the wind generator.

Thursday 25th

The checkout process here is tedious.  You have to go to the Gendarmerie where you get a bunch of forms to fill in.  You then email them to the port authorities in Papeete, Tahiti who in turn email the Gendarmes to allow them to issue your clearance.  It takes 24 hours and we started the process around lunchtime yesterday.  We are now clear to go and will be leaving about 1600.  Yesterday we filled up with duty free diesel at about 55p/litre.  Our next stop is Rarotonga in the Cook Islands, a bit less than 600 Nm and we should be there on Tuesday next week.

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