April 2016

Saturday 2nd

La Playita Anchorage, Panama City

After transiting the Canal at the end of March we dropped off our adviser, crew and the rented lines and fenders at the Balboa Yacht Club.  The anchorage at La Playita is roomy but exposed to wake from traffic entering and leaving the Canal.  Not to worry we are off to Las Perlas Islands for a few weeks before we fly back to the UK for our youngest son’s wedding in May.  Its about 30 Nm to the most northerly of Las Perlas Islands and with no wind I expect we’ll motor all the way.

Tuesday 5th

Isla Contadora

This isn’t a picture of Isla Contadora but it gives you an idea of what Las Perlas looks like,  pretty dry at this time of year.

The Islands are only sparsely inhabited and there are very few shops with little in the way of provisions.  It always amazes me how the locals manage in places like this.

There really isn’t much to do here and if we weren’t waiting to go back to the UK we would have joined the pack of boats now heading west for French Polynesia.  Whilst there isn’t much in the way of cultural diversions here, well none actually, there is plenty of wildlife, birds in particular…

Thursday 21st

La Playita Anchorage, Panama City

We are once again anchored off Panama City having spent three weeks relaxing in Las Perlas Islands (I know, what else do we do but relax?).  However, there is work to be done before flying to the UK – provisioning for the Pacific.  Its obviously too soon to get fresh stuff but we will buy as much canned, dried and bottled as we can in the next week.  On the way back here we witnessed this feeding frenzy…

What a wonderful sight!

This is the view we now have…

Panama City

Saturday 23rd

La Playita Anchorage, Panama City

Its St George’s Day today and also the four hundredth anniversary of the death of Shakespeare.  More shopping today utilising Panama City’s quite decent public transport system.  Our anchorage is at the end of a causeway running south from the city and there is a regular but not frequent bus service that takes you to the Albrook Mall where the main bus station is located.  There is also a station on the shiny new Metro system where you can catch a subway train into the centre of town.  However, the buses only stop on the whim of the driver and this morning it went straight past us.  We shared a taxi with some other cruisers.

When we were staying in Panama City last year we discovered a micro brewery and this evening we went ashore for a night out.  The bus stopped this time and the Metro took us to within a five minute walk of the pub.  An excellent supper of fish and chips washed down by some equally good beer.

Monday 25th

Isla Taboga

EL’s home for the next six weeks is a mooring off Isla Taboga, a small island about five NM south of Panama City.  The moorings are owned and operated by a Mexican, Chuey.  He will be keeping an eye on EL whilst we are gone.  Before motoring to Taboga we headed back up the Canal approach to the Balboa Yacht Club to fill up with diesel, one less thing to do when we get back here in June.  Our flight is on Wednesday and we will catch the ferry from here back to Balboa and then a taxi to the airport.  We will be back here on 7th June to finish our preparations for crossing the Pacific.  Check out how it went here.