February 2012

flushing, cornwall

This month we have continued to make progress on the refit.  Sheryl has been working hard on the deck which is now all but finished.

This is what the deck used to look like.  Note the number of screw plugs missing, the damaged caulk and the roughness of the surface……….

On Sunday 26th we removed the cover and only have one last run over the whole deck with 180 grit sand paper.  Having used the same JCB random orbital sander since last November I would thoroughly recommend it!  Both the standing and running rigging has been replaced on the masts.  In addition the plumbing is almost finished, a new gas locker has been installed in the lazarette and a new gas line run from there to the galley.  All I need to do is wire up the electric solenoid and we can use the cooker to brew up on board, rather than take a thermos everyday!

Since November work on the deck has been conducted under a shelter which was somewhat like a polytunnel…..

You can see our masts in the foreground and a view across the Penryn river in the background.


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