March 2012

Tuesday 6th

flushing, cornwall

Its another bright, sunny morning here in Cornwall.  At 0700 its still cold and hopefully the sun will shine as it did yesterday.  I am currently finishing off work on the masts in preparation to having them re-stepped this week – possibly even tomorrow!  Time was wasted yesterday as a mousing line broke in the main mast as I was attempting to install a new navigation light cable.  Three hours later and with the sun setting all was well with the world again.  Today I’ll be finishing the job and tidying up the few remaining tasks such as fitting the new TV antenna.

Wednesday 7th

Raining this morning and due to clear in an hour or so.  The masts are pretty much ready to go in and the crane is booked for tomorrow, Thursday!  Today’s job is to tighten the shrouds so that each spreader is at the prescribed 6° above the horizontal – had to dig out the cosine rule to work out the mathematics!

The photo shows the main mast already in and the mizzen being lifted.  As you can see the wind generator is mounted.  The intentionally upside down aerial at the mast head is for the new Navtex and the one on the spreader is a WiFi antenna for picking up hotspots – to allow the blog to continue!  You can also make out the new TV antenna on top of the mast – the disk shaped one.

The keel is having a small repair done to the front where I ran into a rock on the way home from Sweden and cracked some filler off the cast iron ballast.

Monday 12th

We have worked every day since the last post.  The masts went in as planned on Thursday.  Since then I have wired the new gas solenoid – no more going on deck to switch gas on and off!  The bathing platform has been sanded, re-screwed and re-caulked.  Last through hull (replacement sea cock for forward head) has been installed, a minor repair to the keel complete and the anti-fouling touched up. Repairs to the deck are just about complete with just a bit of finish sanding to do tomorrow.

Wednesday 14th – Launching!

In the water at last!  High tide was at 0907 and we floated about 0830.  No leaks from either the new keel cooler or the replacement sea cock.  The engine ran nicely and we motored off down the Penryn river to go alongside the visitor’s marina in Falmouth.  Here is a shot of Emma Louise just before launching……

The job list is still extensive and it will be another week or so before we are ready to go anywhere serious.  We have paid Falmouth Harbour Commissioners for the use of a visitors buoy for the next two weeks.

Saturday 17th – First Visitors!

Our friends Rosemary and Kerr Hodge stayed in Flushing for the weekend and we took them out for the day on Saturday.  They survived the dinghy ride to the mooring and we then motored across to Falmouth to procure a picnic.  The weather was generally much better than Friday’s forecast and we only had to dodge a single shower during the morning.  With only a moderate breeze blowing we decided to motor across to the Helford River in the hope of seeing the dolphins that had been reported in the area.  No such luck but we managed to arrive at a visitors buoy in time to watch the end of a gigg race…

After that we settled down for lunch…….

Lunch over and we unfurled the genoa at the buoy and sailed down river under a following breeze.  It was a lovely, leisurely blow back to Falmouth and we arrived back at our mooring about 1700, still not having seen the dolphins.

Week of 19th

This week we are busy moving out of our winter accommodation and sorting out the remaining jobs on the boat.  We are trying to get ready to be able to sail on 1 April when our friends Sue and Aus Dancey are due to join us for the start of our UK circumnavigation.  The new shower door was collected from Penryn glass on Tuesday (photo to follow, when installed) and on the only wet day of the week, Thursday, we motored around to Mylor and embarked a couple of car loads of our worldly goods.  We have bought a replacement liferaft and that was delivered on Wednesday and installed in its cradle on Thursday.  This is a four man, ocean standard Zodiac, hopefully never to be used!

We spent the night on board on Thursday despite the Eberspacher still not working as I haven’t got round to fixing it yet.  However, it is moving rapidly up the to do list and will have to be sorted before Sue and Aus get here!  As the weekend approached the wether got better and better and we took our friends Simon and Sue up the River Fal on Saturday.  It was a lovely, if somewhat breezy afternoon and we enjoyed a picnic lunch alongside the visitor’s pontoons at the junction of the Fal and Truro rivers.  Steve and Pixie Murray, along with Steve’s mum joined us for sundowners when we called into Mylor to drop Simon and Sue.  Here is Emma Louise pictured at her mooring on Sunday 25th……


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