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By Steve • • 27 Feb 2012

We are Steve and Sheryl Westwood.  To date the site is being written by me, Steve, although I hope to persuade Sheryl to make some entries in the not too distant future.  At the time of writing I am 57 years old and hold the view that life is way too short and shouldn’t be spent working for as long as you can draw breath.  With the courage of my convictions I managed to retire in April 2011 and start the search in earnest for a yacht capable of taking us around the world.  Whilst many people think we are either incredibly adventurous or certifiably mad it is interesting to note that none of our four adult children do and they are all very supportive of the project – I suspect they are thinking about holidays on warm places.

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  1. Aus & Sue Dancey

    Not just the kids thinking about holidays in warm places.

  2. Reg Woolley

    Hi steve we plan to do this next year.Did you have much sailing experiance before you retired.
    Regards reg

    • Steve


      Yes, I have been sailing for almost 50 years although only qualified to RYA Coastal. Having said that we have only had do do two overnights so far – one to cross from Scilly Isles to Southern Ireland and one from Liverpool to Isle of Man. These could be avoided so the whole trip can be done as a series of day sails. We don’t like sailing in bad weather and avoid going out when there is a 6 or greater forecast. What I would recommend is to allow as much time as you possibly can. We want to be back in Falmouth around end of August/early September and will have to rush down the east coast to achieve this as we want to spend a few weeks in the northern isles. I’ll be pleased to correspond by PM if you have any further questions.


  3. Dave Robertson

    I agree with your philosophy, which is why I am retiring early. That said, I am lucky in that my pension allows me to consider this as an option. I still intend to work on a part-time basis to keep the old grey matter going for as long as possible but as I said to Helen a couple of months ago, we are only 25 years behind our parents – and 1987 doesn’t feel that long ago! Unfortunately, we are not adventurous as you and Sheryl but will make every effort to see the world whilst we can.
    Good luck to you both and stay safe.
    Dave Rob.

  4. Rachel Westwood


    Speaking of holidays in warm places I am totally depressed having just come back from Serbia with the rest of the rug-rats. The reason for the depression is two fold:

    1. EVERYONE is browner than me. Don’t know what happened in the gene distribution but thanks a lot. Terrible parenting.

    2. Reality sucks and I have to work for a living unlike you two swanning around living the dream and don’t give me that gumph about you being busy – supping G&Ts on the deck, baking bread & making woeful attempts at catching fish for dinner does not count! And don’t even think of going down the route of having worked for 50 years to get you there. We’re living in the present 😉

    However, gripes aside and being a pragmatic type of soul I thought I’d combat this by looking into flights for Christmas (a-whoop!) How would it suit you for me to come to Gran Canaria end of Nov (Mon 26-Weds 28) does that work?

    Currently looking to fly home from Antigua in second week in Jan – Thurs 10th looks good? I should be able to get flights for less than £1k – bargain!

    Love to you and the wench – let me know what you think and I’ll book them. Eek – exciting! xx

  5. Merry Christmas to you wherever you are and all the best for 2015 wherever it takes you.

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