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We are Steve and Sheryl Westwood and we are spending the first part of our retirement sailing our 42′ yacht to anywhere we fancy.  Our intention when we left the UK in September 2012 was to sail round the world.  As I write this in Samoa in September 2017 we haven’t even got half way yet.  As John Lennon famously said “life, thats what gets in the way of plans”.

The last five years have been tremendously enjoyable.  We have become part of an informal community made up of some of the nicest people you will ever meet.  Cruisers are largely independently minded, (you have to be to survive) and also incredibly generous, particularly with their time, help and advice. There is a general philosophy in the cruising community of paying forward and one I subscribe to whole heartedly.

Part of the pleasure of our lifestyle is meeting new people whether they are fellow cruisers or local to the country we happen to be visiting.  Both of us are very sociable and are keen to help others find out about this lifestyle.  Our boat is extremely comfortable for two people but sleeps an extra two easily.  If you would like to sample the live aboard life please get in touch by leaving a comment below and we’ll see if we can arrange something. 

2 thoughts on “About Us”

  1. Steve,
    Been contacted by Nick Mayhew about a reunion in London next week. Tracked you via Nick.
    What a fantastic life you’re leading.
    Hope to meet up one day. My very best wishes to both of you.
    Yours aye
    Malcolm C.

  2. Hi Steve and Sheryl,

    Great to read your latest updates. Its been 6 years since we were in Fiji and the memories of that trip appeal even more now that its getting colder in Blighty.
    Travelling to Denmark in November to see James and family. Theo. is now 14 months, so getting to know him as a little boy. Jules has finished her course in Holland and has now got a job in London, (result!!), after travelling to Colombia (revised trip after hurricanes cancelled Cuba)… so plenty of change for us. I’m still working 3.5 days a week, but Clare is now down to 2 – so we’re enjoying long weekends (not quite long enough to get to the Pacific).
    Enjoying your photos, please keep taking them.


    Bob and Clare

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