By Steve • • 27 Feb 2012

April – Steve retires and we start to walk the South Downs Way

May – Sheryl breaks her foot and we stop walking the South Downs Way

June – we sell our flat in Chichester and have the money to buy the boat

July – Steve walks the highest four peaks in the Lake District in aid of the Alzheimer’s Society.  We fly to Croatia to have a look at an Aphrodite 42.  Unfortunately we decide it will take too much work to bring up to scratch.

August – we fly to Stockholm to have a look at another Aphrodite.  This one is in much better condition and we decide to buy her.

September – after what seems to be an interminable wait for the rudder to be repaired we finally go back to sweden to collect our new boat.  Sheryl breaks her arm less than one week into the voyage home!

October – six weeks later we arrive in Falmouth.

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  1. Chris Higgins

    Hi Steve,
    Just got your website address from Bob&Clare. Good man! go for it! I’ll watch your site. Looked at the jobs done so far – your boat sounds a bit like all boats – a job for life. If you get up to the Clyde area, give us a call, and we’ll tie up. You probably won’t, as you probably regard sailing in the Clyde as “sissy sailing” – that’s ok – I’m happy to be a sissy!
    Good luck, and I’ll be interested in what you think of the top coast of Scotland.

    • Steve


      Good to hear from you. Bob and I will be in the Brewery Tap at Cains brewery on Saturday night. We have done some sailing in the Clyde and really enjoyed it, particularly the Kyles of Bute and the Kilbrannan Sound, not sissy at all! I’ll write about the North coast as we progress.


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